Welcome to Konnect - Konnect HQ, Standalone Episode
Welcome to Konnect - Konnect HQ, Standalone Episode

This Standalone Episode of Konnect HQ is part of a larger 2-year curriculum. To view the entire curriculum package, go to the Konnect HQ page!

The Konnect HQ creators recommend using this episode to transition younger kids to your elementary classrooms. This episode was created to introduce the Konnect characters, outline the rules of Konnect, and prepare the kids for what they should expect each week. 

How do we live out God’s mission? This one-week special episode will help kids answer that question!

This one-week unit introduces Konnect HQ, its purpose, and how it works. Find out how we, as Jesus’ followers, can all work together as a community to bring the message of Jesus to the whole world.

Kids’ worship song My Life His Story is made available by Church on the Move’s children’s ministry, Kids on the Move.

Kids’ worship song Your Love Is is made available by Elevation Church’s children’s ministry, eKidz. 

Pre-Experience Music: Heartbeat (Life.Church), Your Love Is (eKidz), Lifeline (Life.Church), Light Up The Darkness (Life.Church), Shine a Light (Kids on the Move), Symphony (Life.Church), Get To Give (eKidz), I Believe (Kids on the Move), Do It Again (eKidz), My Life His Story (Kids on the Move), Who You Are (Kids on the Move).