Pool Party
Pool Party

In this series, we are focused on four different stories from the Bible that are all about water, so we’re having a Pool Party!

In week one, kids are learning about Noah and how God rescued Noah and His family from the big flood. They can know that God is powerful, and He keeps His promises.

Week two has kids learning about Jonah and the big fish. They can see how God is in charge and His plan is always good. Jonah didn’t trust God’s plan at first, but eventually, he did and the people of Nineveh turned to God.

In week three, kids are learning about when Jesus calmed the storm. They can be confident that Jesus is powerful, and they’ll be reminded that the same Jesus who calmed a storm loves them so much.   

During week four, kids are learning about when Jesus Washed the Disciples' Feet. They can know that Jesus came to serve and love everyone.