What If?
What If?
WEEK 1 – Jesus and Kids 
Main Point: Jesus loves kids like you. 
Summary: Some of the most powerful moments of Jesus’ life and ministry on earth were when He interacted with little kids. He showed everyone around Him how much He loved kids and believed that they were an essential and important part of His Kingdom.

WEEK 2 – Jesus Calls Peter 
Main Point: Jesus has a greater purpose for your life. 
Summary: One of the most exciting and poignant stories about Jesus is when he made Peter (and the other fishermen’s) day by giving them a miraculous catch of fish for their fishing business. He showed his power, but then He showed Peter His mercy. Then he called Peter to a higher purpose in His Kingdom. 

WEEK 3 – Jesus Heals the Leper 
Main Point: Jesus cares about your pain. 
Summary: When we read the amazing interactions between Jesus and others in the New Testament, we see His perfect heart of compassion, willing to help and heal anyone who would ask Him for help. Sometimes, the pain in our lives can seem overwhelming – to the point that we’re not sure that Jesus even cares about us. But no matter what pain we experience in life, we can rest assured that Jesus cares about it and can cure it. 

WEEK 4 – Jesus Heals the Paralytic 
Main Point: Jesus can do anything. 
Summary: As we read the New Testament and get to know Jesus better through all the amazing stories about Him and His ministry, we start to realize that He can do anything. He can forgive our sins, heal our hearts, and even heal our bodies. Wherever Jesus leads our lives, regardless of circumstances, we can always trust Him to lead us to the best life – because Jesus can do anything.