Unmet Expectations - Switch
Unmet Expectations - Switch

What do you do when what you wanted to happen doesn’t? Now, imagine for a moment, the thing you’ve been wanting to happen was something God promised would happen. What do you do then? Do you keep waiting? Do you keep trusting? Or do you give up hope? For centuries, the Jewish people were expecting God to send the Messiah, the chosen King, and they believed this Messiah would restore Israel to power, defeat their enemies, and lead the whole world to worship the one true God. And for centuries, the Jewish people waited. God was silent. It felt like He was absent. Until, in the most unexpected of places and circumstances, a child was born. This was no ordinary child. This was God in human form. The long-awaited Messiah. His name was Jesus. And when He stepped onto the stage of history, everything changed.

Week 1: Why Do We Celebrate Christmas?

Week 2: The Gift We Don't Deserve (Live Speak)

Week 3: Who Are You Expecting?

We are kicking off our series by helping our students understand why people from around the world still celebrate Christmas. It’s not just because of the break from school, jolly music, time with family, and presents under the tree. Even those are great things that are worth celebrating! The reason we celebrate Christmas is because of the event known as the Incarnation. The Incarnation is the belief that God became a human being in the person of Jesus. And this is really good news. Because when Jesus shows up, everything changes.

For week two, your youth pastor is going to help our students learn even more about the significance of Christmas by sharing a message about the grace of God that has been made available to us through Jesus. Because even when we don’t deserve it, God is loving.

We are closing out this series and semester of Switch with a message all about the unexpected ways Jesus moves in our lives. Then and now, it can be challenging to trust the things we can’t see. The earliest Jesus followers dealt with this and we do too. But, just because we can’t see it, doesn’t mean Jesus isn’t up to something. It usually means He has something even better in the works. Because if He always met our expectations, then He would never be able to exceed them.