SwitchBowl - Switch
SwitchBowl - Switch
Leverage the energy of the biggest football game of the year with SwitchBowl! 

What is it? A Tailgate Party-themed bring-in event. We’re going all out to create a fun, new-person-focused night to make it as easy as possible for our students to invite their friends. The content for this week will be specifically designed to present the good news of Jesus to these students in a way that will be true, clear, and interesting. We will be very intentional about leading students to bring their families with them to 30-Second Theology on the weekend. 

Why are we doing it? Because we are committed to doing anything short of sin to reach people who do not know Christ. 

How can I be prepared? In the weeks and days leading up to this night, encourage your students to invite like crazy and be praying for specific people they want to see begin a relationship with Jesus. Don’t just tell your students how to do this, model it personally by praying for and inviting people in your life that don’t yet know Jesus or don’t have a church they call home.

Use these promotional resources to get the word out about your event happening during the week of the big game. You can also equip your students with these resources to invite their friends to a night at church with a side of football!