Faith - Konnect HQ, Unit 19
Faith - Konnect HQ, Unit 19

This unit, unit 19 of Konnect HQ is part of a larger 2-year curriculum. To view the entire curriculum package, go to the Konnect HQ page!

Faith isn’t just a word we use to sound good. It’s a word that shows a deep belief in and connection to Jesus. We might believe in and act on (put “faith” in) a lot of things we can’t see, but the faith that matters is the faith we have in Jesus. When we believe in our hearts what the Bible says about Christ, and we admit our belief with our mouth, our faith is born. Once our faith is born, we can choose to let it grow and bring glory to God by putting it into action and being generous with what He’s given us.

Kids’ worship songs One in a Million, Standing, Undefeated, and Already Won are made available by eKids from Elevation Church. Kids’ worship song Jesus Is Alive Right Now is made available by Kids on the Move from Church on the Move. 

Pre-Experience Music: Heartbeat (Life.Church), Your Love Is (eKidz), Lifeline (Life.Church), Light Up The Darkness (Life.Church), Shine a Light (Kids on the Move), Symphony (Life.Church), Get To Give (eKidz), I Believe (Kids on the Move), Do It Again (eKidz), My Life His Story (Kids on the Move), Who You Are (Kids on the Move).

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