Takeoff to Touchdown
Takeoff to Touchdown
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Do your teenagers know how to bring up the Gospel with their peers? Can they articulate the Good News clearly? If they’re like most students, the answer is no. You can remedy that with Takeoff to Touchdown, a four-session youth curriculum that first gives students biblical motivations to share their faith and then continues week by week, training them how to start, sustain, and gracefully wrap up meaningful conversations about God with the people in their lives. Includes original, animated video clips for instruction!

Each week includes (60 minutes):
- Game: an activity that relates to the lesson (10 minutes).
- Transition: a bridge that ties the game into the teaching (5 minutes).
- Teaching: an original, animated video clip and detailed teaching points (15 minutes).
- Gospel segue: a Gospel explanation and invitation to trust Christ (5 minutes).
- Discussion questions: group questions to help students process the teaching (15 minutes).
- Pilot-training activity: an opportunity for them to practice what they've learned (5 minutes).
- Challenge and prayer: an encouragement to apply what they’ve learned (5 minutes).

This student curriculum is suitable for large and small groups, Sunday school classes, or retreats.