Walk to the Cross
Walk to the Cross
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Beaten, bloodied, bruised, killed—all for us.

Reignite your students’ passion as they journey through the last moments of Jesus’s life. Built around a powerful 20-minute video, the curriculum will remind your teens of all that Jesus endured to purchase our salvation:

  • the intense emotional suffering in the Garden of Gethsemane
  • the physical abuse of being slapped, beaten, and stripped of His skin and muscle from the flogging
  • the agonizing torture of hanging on a cross

Powerful and compelling, Walk to the Cross is a great, one-lesson curriculum that will give your students a fresh appreciation for Jesus—and the price paid so that we may have salvation.

The curriculum is relevant year-round, but it’s especially ideal during the Easter season.

The lesson includes:

  • an opening activity
  • a teaching script
  • an engaging video
  • discussion questions
  • an invitation to salvation
Note: Video will not open in the PDF preview. Please download to access videos via YouTube link. 
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