Kids Worship Resources

Our kids curriculum is created with worship in mind—every unit has pauses in the lesson for songs. At Life.Church campuses, we use a mix of original music and songs from other ministries.

You can find the music we use at the following places:

• All Bible App for Kids Curriculum lessons include original music. Find new songs in every new unit or as a collection here.

• You can also get Mr. Music's Sing-Along with new versions of your kids favorite Bible App for Kids Curriculum songs, and you'll find two Christmas songs here.

• Find more early childhood songs and videos of popular songs here.

• In our Early Childhood rooms, we also use "Little Praise Party," "My Best Friend," and other music by Yancy. Find it here.

• Explore songs from a variety of artists at Worship House Kids.

• Church on the Move offers a selection of downloadable art and songs for kids here.

What we've learned:

It doesn't matter whether you create something in-house or use another ministry's resources. What matters is that you provide the highest caliber, God-centered worship and teaching tools you can.

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