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YouVersion for Churches Best Practices

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How to Introduce YouVersion and Church Profile to Your Church

After creating and publishing your Church Profile in YouVersion, you’ll want to share with your church how to access your Church Profile—and why they’ll want to set your church as their church in the app.

Let’s walk through some ways to do this and provide some resources to help you encourage your church to view and follow your profile. Learn more about how to share your Church Profile on our Church Support site.

3 Best Practices for Sharing Church Profile

  1. Share about what YouVersion offers your church. Before introducing Church Profile, remind your church what YouVersion offers them and how the app can help them build a daily habit of engaging in Scripture.

    With YouVerson, your church can:
    • Access their favorite Bible version
    • Read or listen to Scripture
    • Enjoy over 25,000 daily devotional Plans
    • Build a prayer habit with Guided Prayer
    • Create a Prayer List
    • Watch videos or listen to podcasts that help unpack Scripture in new, engaging ways
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  2. Start with the “why.” As a church leader, you know that people crave to know the why behind what you’re asking them to do. Share with your church why you’re excited to have your own Church Profile inside YouVersion—and how your church plans to use your Profile to connect with and serve them throughout the week.

    This is a great time to tell a story that shows the value of engaging in Scripture or in community. Then, connect your story to the opportunity these features allow for your church to engage.
  3. Develop a strategy for sharing about Church Profile. Just like anything new at your church, you’ll want to build a communication strategy around your Church Profile.

    When launching Church Profile, we recommend the following action steps:
    1. Tell. Announce Church Profile to your church via your normal communication methods: before service, in your weekly communication, and on social media.
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    2. Show. Consider placing cards with your Church Profile QR code in seat backs or pews to help people find your church in the app. Also, consider showing visuals of how to follow your church or have volunteers available after service to help your congregation download the app and find your Church Profile.
    3. Remind. Just like anything important, you’ll want to remind your church about your Church Profile. Talking about Church Profile for 2-3 weeks during the initial rollout will help more people discover your church in the app.

As you create your own launch strategy, we hope these best practices help you share with your attenders how YouVersion can help them grow in their connection with God. And, how YouVersion for Churches allows your church to grow together, too.

If we can help you in any other way, please reach out to our Church Support Team.

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