The Power of Feedback

One of the greatest tools for a leader or speaker is truthful feedback. Unfortunately, in our church cultures, we often develop feedback-averse environments.

People might find themselves in one of two wrong extremes:

1) We believe that a leader (or preacher) should have heard from God and not care at all about feedback. This attitude robs us of valuable input from objective people.

2) We rely only on what other people say and think. While people’s feedback can help us grow, we shouldn’t always be swayed by their opinions. A good leader will know when he or she should lead strong no matter what people are saying.

What we've learned:

Make it a point to identify your strengths and weaknesses. Knowing what you’re best and worst at will help you know when you need to heed input from those you trust, and when you need to take the reins and lead strong. There will be occasions for both.

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