New Campuses and the 'Core Four'

When we launch a new campus, staff is one of the primary needs. To get a new campus going in the most efficient way possible, we start with a staff of four.

We love people who can multi-task, and we build a team we call the 'Core Four' to run a new campus. 

1. Campus Pastor + LifeGroups and Missions Pastor

2. Worship Pastor + Youth Pastor

3. LifeKids Pastor

4. Host Team + Campus Administrator

As the campus begins to grow, we divide these Core Four positions into distinct roles:

The Campus Pastor is just that: pastor of the campus! Responsibilities include developing a team, casting vision, and leading ministry within their specific community.

The Worship Pastor directs the worship and music elements in every experience.

The Host Team Pastor creates a positive, welcoming experience for every attendee.

The Youth Pastor teaches and mentors 6th-12th grade students.

The LifeKids Pastor is responsible for children’s ministry from birth to 6th grade.

The LifeGroups/LifeMissions Pastor organizes and leads small groups and local missions in the community.

The Campus Administrator is responsible for all other campus operations.

While we'd love to open a new campus with a full staff, combining key roles into the Core Four allows us to launch a campus with a condensed but effective staff.

Open Idea
Look for people with multiple gifts, talents, and experience. Team members who can cover more than one role means you can staff a department or new location with a relatively small group of people. 

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