Fasting From Church Stuff

For years I tried to learn from and be like other ministers. I listened to messages, attended conferences, and devoured every Christian book I could. Each time I met a new leader, I tried to become more like them.

A few years ago though, God led me to do something very different. (I'm not necessarily telling you to do this, I’m just sharing the story of what God led me to do.) For an extended season, I stopped attending conferences, reading ministry books, and listening to others’ sermons. Instead of becoming like others, my goal was to become who God wanted me to become.

It was very difficult to cut myself off from learning from other people. But during this season, I felt like God wanted me to learn directly from Him. By not constantly looking to others as a model of what kind of pastor I should be, I was freed up to become who God uniquely equipped me to be. I still love to study and learn from other leaders, but this journey of intensely seeking God helped me become who I am.

What we've learned:

Learning from other pastors, communication experts, mentors, and scholars is immensely valuable. But if you never take time to learn only from God and His Word, you may miss out on what He wants to show especially to and through you. Take some time to seek God purely one-on-one.

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