Be Unreasonable

I bet you have heard this many times: “be reasonable.” Truthfully, under many circumstances, “be reasonable” is sound advice—but not always.

As Christian leaders, there are some times to be unreasonable.

  • When you pray, you might ask God to do something most would consider impossible or unreasonable. Pray unreasonable prayers.
  • When you seek God, He might lead you to do something others consider undoable. Empowered by God, do unreasonable things.
  • When you lead, some people might think you’re making unreasonable demands. Lead passionately and pull unreasonable results out of reasonable people.

Being unreasonable all the time would certainly be a mistake. But if you aren’t being unreasonable every now and then, you probably aren’t leading by faith.

What we've learned:

Our God doesn't operate by the same rules and boundaries we do. His ways are higher than ours. Throughout the Bible, and continuing today, believers are called to trust that things that seem unreasonable to us are actually quite reasonable—and possible—to God.

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