Be Good at Something Different

In ministry, most churches and leaders try to be good at what everyone else is good at doing. We’re all trying to improve our preaching, youth groups, kids’ curriculum, worship, environments, and countless other areas.

The problem is that we’re not all blessed with the same gifts, and we're not all called to the same types of ministries. Instead, we're uniquely created with God-given talents and abilities that no one else has. Why not give yourself permission to be good at something that few others are striving to do?

Maybe you can be phenomenal at digging water wells, sponsoring kids, or impacting the world through 6:00am prayer gatherings. Maybe you’re called to serving your community with radical generosity, doing evangelism through Facebook, or leveraging your wealthy suburban church to support three struggling inner city churches. Maybe you have a new idea or a unique situation that only you and your ministry are equipped to handle. 

What we've learned:

I'm not saying to let any area of ministry lag behind. But, rather than trying to reinvent the wheel in the "normal" areas of ministries, work to be good at something unique. That's how you'll reach the people you're uniquely called to reach.

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