The Summer Slump

Most churches experience a summer slump. This can mean attendance drops, giving slows down, and volunteers don't show up.

As leaders, what should we do during down times? Although I can’t answer the question for you specifically, I would say, “Do something intentional!"

Here are some ideas to get you thinking:

  • Challenge the church to host summer neighborhood block parties.
  • Ask your small groups to take the summer off and challenge them to devote one weekend a month to an inner city mission project instead.
  • Write devotionals geared for people traveling on vacation.
  • Do a summer-long overview of the Old Testament.
  • Experiment with a different style of worship.
  • Take some extended time off.
  • Challenge people to devote part of their vacation to minister on an international mission trip.

What we've learned:

Whatever you do, don't let the summer slump sap your enthusiasm. Don’t miss this great opportunity to pray, seek God, and do something intentional! Even though many are distracted by the long days and warm nights, God wants to do something powerful through your ministry—and the summer slump may just allow you to find the unique niche you're called to fill.

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