Multiple Sites, One Kids Ministry

Because Life.Church is truly one church that meets in multiple locations, we strive for consistency throughout our children’s experiences. Four values help us filter every choice we make: excellence, consistency, safety, and evangelism. 

To provide a consistent experience for all of our kids, we've learned that using the same curriculum, training, and communication tools across all campuses keeps things unified. Children are learning the same things as their friends, no matter what campus they go to. And kids who happen to visit different locations from time to time don’t miss a beat.

To help with that cohesion, a central team provides the curriculum, training, and vision for all campuses. We create one set of lessons for each age group, and it's used in every location—rather than each location spending time, money, and energy on creating individual programs. You can find our kids curriculum for every age group for free here on Open. 

Then, the teams at each campus use the curriculum to create community in their classrooms. With the central team doing the heavy lifting to supply consistent resources, the campus teams are free to focus on our other values of excellence, safety, and evangelism.

Open Idea
To keep children's ministry united across multiple campuses, use consistent lessons and images in every location.

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