Following the Recipe

It’s not unusual for ministries to take a close look at other churches. Often, they’re in search of the recipe for success.

It’s great that churches can learn from each other. Our church has certainly been helped by it, and we hope other churches have found value in what we’ve been able to offer. But there’s something important to keep in mind as we study others. We have to realize we have different ingredients.

When you do the same things as Ministry X, you can’t assume you’ll get the same results. God has given you and your team unique talents, resources, and vision to reach your community.

We’re better off building a recipe that takes into account the ingredients we have.

What we've learned:

Embrace your church’s uniqueness. When you see a ministry you want to model, ask the leader about the ingredients that go into its success. Consider what your ministry would need to add or subtract to make it a success at your church. Sometimes, it be something small, and other times It would require a complete overhaul that may not make sense for your ministry

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