Lazy People Don’t Need Vision to Be Lazy

Churches who decide to go multi-site often do so by adding campuses in nearby cities. Sometimes, churches will promote these new locations to their attenders as a convenience: “Now you can get to church in half the time!” Those same churches are somewhat surprised when the evangelism temperature for reaching the lost doesn’t seem to be the same at the new locations.

When that happens, it’s a good idea to step back and look at the vision that was cast for the new approach. If you focus on the fact that it’s easier now to get to church, you’ll attract people who want attending church to be easy.

Let’s face it: lazy people don’t usually need more instructions on being lazy. In fact, people who are lazy are pretty good at finding more ways to be lazy.

When launching a new location, convenience isn’t the most effective vision to cast. Instead, how about:

“This is a part of our community that we’re really excited about reaching.”

“You get to be on the ground floor of something big.”

“People who need Jesus will come to this church. You can meet them where they are.”

What we've learned:

It’s always easier to move forward when you’re not dragging others along with you. Instead, find the people in your church who are passionate about the progress and vision involved in going multi-site. Find the people that will sacrifice convenience to go to a new location and reach the lost—the people who will shrug off a few extra minutes and miles if it means furthering the Kingdom.

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