Prepare for Attacks

During a season of blessing, your staff and volunteers will be working overtime. Because the ministry is so exhilarating, your best people will gladly make huge sacrifices to be a part.

While riding the wave of blessing, you will be:

●Hiring fast.

●Plugging new believers into significant roles.

●Working grueling hours away from home.

At times, you might feel invincible. At other times, you’ll feel overwhelmed and scared. At all times, you must realize Satan will attack you.

You must watch for warning signs. Too many great spiritual leaders have fallen off the wave—hurting themselves and others.

What we've learned:

Put up your guard. Have the highest level of accountability. Take time off. Rest. Listen. Pray. Reflect. Decide you will do whatever it takes not to be another casualty. Ride the wave. But do it carefully.

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