Lead Pastors

Avoid Promises

When God is blessing you with more than you can handle, I’d suggest you avoid making rash promises.

I have seen many pastors make promises during times of blessing only to later eat their words (or be bound by a promise they wish they’d never made).

●We’ll never do a fundraiser!

●We’ll never borrow money!

●We’ll be in the new building by June of next year!

●We only hire staff from within!

●I will always teach live and in person.

Many ministries experience the “wave” early in ministry. They might assume it will last forever. Be careful you can keep the promises you make.

Try not to make immature promises you won’t keep.

What we've learned:

Before you make a promise at a high wave, think about whether you can honor it during low tide. It might not be as flashy or attractive, but it will sustain your ministry in the long run. You can’t inspire people with empty promises, but if you fulfill your promises with integrity, you’ll attract people with integrity.

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