Letting Go of What People Think

Becoming obsessed with what people think about you is the fastest way to forget what God thinks about you.

My mom taught me the common truth, “You can’t please everyone.”

From my observation, ministers seem to be more vulnerable to people-pleasing than most professions. In reality, we should be the most resolved against living for the applause of men, but instead living for the approval of God.

●Don’t let anyone talk you out of following God’s voice.

●Don’t let anyone’s criticism distract you from your passion.

●Don’t long for affirmation before you move forward.

Say what God prompts you to say. Go where God leads you to go. Do what God puts on your heart. Let go of living for people. Become obsessed with living for God.

What we've learned:

Always remember who you are in Christ. If you’re teaching from what God has laid on your heart, you may not always please everyone. Don’t be worried about building your own following—instead, build God’s Kingdom. He placed you where you are to be a guide, not an attraction.

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