Does the Size of Your Church Matter? (Part 2)

Someone told me, “I love your church, but it is just too big for me.”

Their statement raises some questions:

  • When is a church just the right size? Is 12 just right? How about 120? Maybe 3,000?
  • When does a church become too big? Is there a magic number? Is it when all the people can no longer meet in one service? Or one campus? Or one state? Or one country?

If you like a small church, I guess you can find one and pray like crazy that you don’t reach new people, then the church will stay small…just like you like it.

What we've learned:

When someone says a church is “too big,” do they really mean they feel “too small”? No matter what size your church is, make sure people have avenues to stay connected. Whether there are 10 or 10,000 people who walk through your doors each week, the goal should always be for them to build relationships with each other and with Christ.

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