Riding the Wave

I pray God blesses your ministry at some point with what some call “the wave.”

The wave is when God seems to do more than you can handle! During the wave, your buildings aren’t big enough, you can’t hire fast enough, and you’re just hanging on for dear life.

Just remember:

You don’t create a spiritual wave, God does. The ride you’ll take isn’t a result of your creative ideas or masterful leadership. God will certainly use those things, but He is the One who causes and directs the spiritual progress.

You can work with the wave or fight against it. When God is doing something special, you’ll want to cooperate with what He is doing. I honestly believe when God starts to do something new, too many church leaders get afraid and work against what God is trying to do.

The wave probably won’t last forever. When God blesses you supernaturally, ride the wave. If it starts to die down, don’t try to recreate the wave. Pray for the next one and ride it when it comes.

What we've learned:

Waves come naturally, and they go in a single direction. When you sense God sending a wave your way, make sure your ministry is lined up properly to take full advantage of the push God is sending. You’ll go farther with full sails than with paddles.

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