When the Wave Dies Down

Waves come and waves go.

When God blesses your ministry with a wave of impact and growth, you’ll be wise not to expect it to last forever. (If it does, you’ll be an exception—not the rule.) If the wave slows, don’t try to recreate it. Those who continue to keep doing what used to work, generally miss the new things God wants to do. If the wave dies, thank God for the ride you just enjoyed and watch for a new one.

While riding the wave, God may give you extra grace and stamina. But eventually, without adequate rest, you’ll burn out.

During times of great growth, you might feel like you’re running a sprint. Though you might run hard, you have to still run smart. Wise spiritual leaders remember that ministry is a marathon, not a sprint.

What we've learned:

When the wave dies down, it doesn’t necessarily mean God isn’t blessing your ministry anymore. Remember, God wants us to be content with His blessings. Keep in mind that God may be positioning you for something new.

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