New Seasons Means New People

When a ministry enters a new season, we must open the door for new leaders.

The “old guard” often resents new seasons. I’m a big believer in working hard to lead the tenured believers toward new life. Sometimes, though, they refuse to move forward.

In those times, we have to help people grow. If we can’t help people grow with the new direction, we need to be willing to allow some people to move on.

During these transitional seasons, I’m always looking for new leaders. Often they are right in front of us. There could be faithful people that were serving under others who seem to rise from nowhere when there is a new chance to lead.

When the current changes, keep your eyes open to new people God will raise up.

What we've learned:

New seasons are inevitable, and if the old guard does move on during those seasons, you’ll need dependable people to take their place and move forward. You never know who those leaders might be, but good leadership will draw the right people.

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