All About "Football Sunday"

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"Football Sunday" is a 30-minute video event that plays across America on the day of the football championship, February 5, 2017.

To sign up to host "Football Sunday," click here! We'll let you know when the event video is posted to our site in the week before game day.

Presented by our partner The Increase, "Football Sunday" features exclusive interviews with professional football players like Benjamin Watson, Anquan Boldin, and Brandon Marshall as they share how Christ has helped them be overcomers. The video and all promotional elements needed to host the event in your church can be downloaded exclusively here on the Open Network. Along with the full 30-minute version, there will be two more options—a 7-minute version and a 15-minute version—so you can choose exactly how you want to incorporate it into your service.

"Football Sunday" allows your church to capitalize on the biggest day in sports—promote this event before game day and invite people who might not normally come to church to hear about Christ. More than 1,700 churches participated in the event last year, and they saw 7,000 people come to Christ!

We'll provide you early access to Football Sunday resources as they become available, and you'll receive the event video the week before game day!