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Chicken wings. Half-time show. 4th downs. Crazy commercials. Church?

Yes, the Church can leverage the power of the pro football championship game to reach more people for Christ. In this training, we'll talk about the four ways you can use the big game to reach more people for Christ in your community, and show you some of the resources available on the Open Network.

Check out our amazing partner resource, "Football Sunday," here. This complete event package features stories and testimonies from pro-football players that will help you reach people in your community who may not normally come to church. So, throw a tailgate party at your church and use "Football Sunday" to introduce people to Christ!

You can learn a little more about our ideas for Super Sunday in our blog post here.

Here are some additional ideas for your Super Sunday experiences:

  • Tailgate contests
  • Wing-eating contests
  • Barbecue hot dogs
  • Hot dog eating contest
  • Decorate your entire church like a tailgate!
  • Make your church smell, sound, look and feel like the big game
  • Make sure to include the non-football gang...which is half your church. Most people don’t watch the game for any other reason than the commercials, the food and the community
  • #BestCommercialYOURCITY - contest - creates great follow up next weekend
  • #BestTailgateYOURCITY - contest - creates great follow up next weekend
  • Volunteers in sports gear for the weekend
  • Best gameday outfits contest - ALL sports is more inclusive, not everyone is a football fan
  • Photo ops: get a volunteer photographer or hire one, and give free family pic!
  • Selfie Sunday - Example: largest selfies at once ever in Lawrence County…#opportunity