Craig Groeschel Leadership Podcast: Secrets of Superior Decision-Making

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Thank you for joining the Craig Groeschel Leadership Podcast! The small decisions we make every day have a bigger impact on our success than a few big ones. In today's episode, let's take a look at some of the ways we can all improve in our decision-making.

Our generation has a growing problem with indecision. Here are a few of the reasons why.

  • Too many options. It's easy to decide between four or five things—you can weigh them against each other easily. When you have thousands of options, it’s increasingly difficult to make a choice.
  • The illusion of perfection. While we see every bump, scrape, and bruise in our own lives, we often only see the highlights of everyone else's. We're afraid of making imperfect decisions.
  • Haven't developed the skill. Many people just haven't needed to practice decision-making.

Like many other things, we can get better at decision-making by practicing. Here are five secrets of superior decision-makers:

  • Avoid either/or scenarios. As often as you can, expand your options.
  • Avoid decision fatigue like the plague. Delegate as many decisions as you can. Not only does this help you avoid making too many decisions, it empowers your whole organization to lead.
  • Become your own personal advisor. Ask yourself, "What would I tell myself in this situation?" Remove your own emotions from the situation when you are too close to a decision. Ask these questions of yourself: "What would a great leader do?" and "What would my successor do?"
  • Decide when you are going to decide. Make two separate lists: a "to-do" list, and a "to-decide" list. Bulk your decisions together. For example, I make as many of my decisions as I can on Thursday. Remind yourself of the cost of not making a decision.
  • Listen for spiritual direction. I'm a Christian pastor, so I believe there is definitely a spiritual side to leadership. Proverbs 16:9 NLT says this: We can make our plans, but the Lord determines our steps. I keep a list of every time I feel prompted by the Holy Spirit to make a decision.

Remember, if you don't want to develop leaders, make all the decisions. If you want your organization to reflect your weaknesses, make all the decisions. But if you want your organization to thrive, delegate as many decisions as you can, and when you do make decisions, make wise ones.

Next month, we'll talk about a very important topic: recruiting and hiring to your team. The potential of your organization rests on the strength of its people. If you want to be great at something as a leader, learn to identify, develop, and empower the right people!

Remember, you don’t have to know it all to be a great leader! Be yourself. People would rather follow a leader who is always real than one who is always right.