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The Team Behind the Scenes of an Experience

It takes a lot to execute services each weekend at our campuses. But no matter the size of your church, you will need a mix of skilled technical people and teachable volunteers to run your experience.

We have a few skilled contractors on the weekend: a front-of-house (FOH) engineer and lighting designer. We also have volunteers who run slides (we use ProPresenter) and control the video switcher for our satellite feeds. Since we're a video-based church, this role is extremely important—in your church, a different role might be important, but volunteers who are responsible and teachable would love to fill these positions.

The breakdown of roles is different at our Oklahoma City campus, because we broadcast our messages from there. The team there includes full-time roles, contractors, and some volunteers. Our broadcast producer is a full-time staff member who leads the video and satellite team. Any changes that happen with the message are communicated and executed through this role.

We also have contractors in roles like FOH engineer, stage manager, and lighting/scenic designer, along with volunteers who run ProPresenter slides and lower thirds. The logistics of leading these contractors fall to the worship pastor and video producer at the Oklahoma City campus.

For more on the logistics of doing multi-campus ministry, read this post about consistency across multiple campuses.

What we've learned:

At Life.Church, we need a lot of talented technical people to keep our experiences running smoothly, and we focus our energy on finding great contractors and volunteers. In your church, put your best people-resources toward the part of your ministry that is most vital to reaching people for Christ—whether it's your worship or your small groups or your missions programs.

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