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Life.Church's Open Door Event


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Open Door is an event held at each campus that gives campus staff and attendees a chance to get to know one another. Typically held over dinner, Open Door provides the space for staff and attenders to connect on a personal level, ask questions about Life.Church, and hear the history and vision for the future of their church—but most of all, it gives our team a chance to meet attenders and get involved in their lives.

Use the samples provided on this page as a reference for creating your own Open Door event. Notice that much of the language focuses on the church getting to know the attender. We want people to feel 'needed and known.' They will of course learn about the church during Open Door, but the primary purpose is for the attender to feel included, heard, and plugged in.

In our experience, people who attend Open Door are more likely to become consistent attenders, givers, and volunteers because they feel ownership over their church.