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Every new year, we make decisions about who we want to be. We make resolutions; we set goals. Often, these goals are focused on ourselves. Losing weight, saving money — even the best goals are often inherently self-centered. Christ did not call us to live that way. To live the life God has for us, we must be willing to reject our own comfort for the good of others.

It’s not easy, and it sure isn’t comfortable. But when you deny yourself, God can do so much more.

This series will be very focused on shaking people’s perceptions of Christian living and motivate them to deny themselves and go all-in on following Jesus, with the full knowledge that while it won’t make their lives easier, there is joy in the journey.

When you serve more, you take less.

When you give more, you need less.

When you thank more, you want less.

When there’s more of God, you’re Selfless.