5 Days of Leadership with Pastor Craig | Day 4: Empower Leaders

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Day 4: Empower leaders.

As we empower others to lead, it’s important to delegate authority not just tasks. If you delegate tasks, you will build followers (people who will do what they're told to do). If you delegate authority, you'll build leaders (people who will do what they're called to do.)

If you visit our offices at Life.Church, you’ll probably hear a leader say, “You decide.” That’s because we push decisions as far as we can into the organization because we want to delegate authority, and not tasks.

Here are some practical steps you can take to empower others on your team, whether paid or volunteer staff.

  1. Identify the things only you can do, and delegate the rest.
  2. Provide clear vision when delegating, and never give power to those who don’t share your values.
  3. Use the people God has brought to you. Be faithful with who's there and He will bring more.
  4. Encourage safe failure. When a failure happens, help the team member to learn from it.
  5. Get out of the way. At Life.Church, we believe team members learn best “in the game.”

In today's clip, I’ll unpack point #5, why people grow best while they’re in the game.

Action Steps:

Make a list of the responsibilities on your shoulders, and identify team members who could own those tasks and develop as leaders in the process.