5 Days of Leadership with Pastor Craig | Day 5: Lead Yourself

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Day 5: Lead yourself.

The most important person you will ever lead is yourself.

We've discussed leading and growing our church, but in this new year it's important not to forget yourself in the process.

One of the biggest factors in growing as leaders is your inner dialogue. When you wake up and begin a new day, where do your thoughts take you?

Are they positive? Or do they tend to be more negative?

If you find yourself with more negative thoughts, embrace this spiritual truth: our lives move in the direction of our strongest thoughts.

If we’re going to do everything God has called us to do in our families, churches, and communities, we must replace negative thoughts with God’s truth.

Ask yourself two questions:

  1. What negative thoughts are influencing or hindering your life?
  2. What spiritual truths can set you free from those strongholds?

Don’t rush past these questions. Spend some time here in honest reflection.

Action Steps:

Craft some biblical statements that God can use to renew your mind as we meditate on who we are in Him. Watch the video to help you get started and then view some examples, including my list of words to live by.