Online Ministry

Virtual Experience, Real Community

Church Online reaches a unique audience, and it comes with a unique set of tools and goals. While the Church Online Platform is versatile enough to accommodate many different ministry styles and technologies, here's how we approach our online ministry.

Each of our online experiences features a prerecorded teaching video from our Senior Pastor (or guest speaker), a worship set recorded by one of our campus worship teams, and several pre-produced videos from the Church Online Pastor.

The pre-produced videos from the Church Online team include the introduction/welcome, a call to salvation, a message to tithers and givers, stories of life change, and other messages geared specially toward Church Online attendees.

The pastor's message and the announcement packages are pre-recorded, and the community component of Church Online is live. Life change happens through community, so our online host team volunteers serve our guests in chat during every online experience.

The chat host volunteers greet people by name, ask questions, clarify biblical principles, encourage attendees, invite people to LifeGroups, and help people engage with the message. Through the "Live Prayer" feature, our volunteers pray one-on-one with anyone who's in need.

Church Online is a full church experience that engages people in real-time relationships—in short, Church Online supports our overall mission of leading people all over the world to become fully devoted followers of Christ.

What we've learned:

In any ministry—from brick-and-mortar locations to online church—the people are the most important thing. Focus the experience on creating community and reaching those in need.

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