Message Support: The Grudge

Series Length:

4 Weeks (not necessarily in order)

  • Forgiving Offenses
  • Forgiving Betrayals
  • Forgiving God
  • Forgiving Yourself

  • Description:

    The past doesn’t always stay in the past. Sometimes, you carry it with you. But you don’t have to hold on to the bitter memories and painful moments that steal your joy and weigh you down. You have the choice to let go of The Grudge.


    This series is all about forgiveness. We have a tendency to carry painful parts of our past with us: resentment against people who’ve hurt us, mistakes we’ve made, or even bitterness toward God. This series will show attenders how to recognize the grudges they’re carrying against others and themselves, and how the pain we hold on to weighs us down and keeps us from stepping into the freedom that God has for us. Each week of The Grudge will teach us how to let go of the past for good and embrace true forgiveness for the future.

    Series Talking Points:

    • The past was made to stay in the past. But sometimes, we hold on to things like painful memories and difficult mistakes. Sometimes, we just can’t seem to let them go.
    • You weren’t meant to hold on to the pain that came from your past.
    • You don’t have to be weighed down by mistakes you’ve made or things that other people have done that hurt you.
    • We carry resentment against ourselves and others with us through our lives, but we weren’t meant to bear this burden. We weren’t meant to exist in a constant state of bitterness.
    • Forgiveness has the power to set us free from the past.
    • You have the power to forgive and let go of the pain that you’re carrying.


    Use these words in your communication before and during the series to help people understand the series and create a ‘felt need’ that the series will remedy.

    • Resentment
    • Pain, Painful
    • Bitterness
    • Family, Relationship
    • Forgiveness
    • Burden, Weight
    • Restoration, Healing

    Calls to Action:

    These are suggestions for next steps your attenders can take based on this series.

    Promotions/Pushes that fit with this series

    • Small Groups

    More Calls to Action for The Grudge

    • Divorce healing classes
    • Have a conversation with a pastor
    • Make a call right after this service to someone you know you need to forgive
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