Message Support: The Gift

Series Length:

3 Weeks, with Week 3 serving as this year’s Christmas message. (not necessarily in this order)

  • Week 1: Gold
  • Week 2: Frankincense
  • Week 3: Myrrh


A gift tells a story.

We treasure hand-picked gifts from those we love. They’re valuable and important because they’re meant just for us. And one gift meant so much that it forever changed the course of history. The story of this gift is one worth sharing.


During the December series The Gift, our attention will be drawn back to the true meaning of the holiday season. By highlighting the significance of the gifts the wise men brought to Jesus (gold, frankincense, and myrrh), attenders will be able to connect the symbolism within the story of Christ’s birth to their relationship with Jesus. This series will provide attenders with new insight on the birth of Jesus and gain a deeper understanding of who He is.

Series Talking Points:

  • When Jesus was born, the Bible tells us that three wise men came to deliver Him three gifts. Many of us know what those gifts are (gold, frankincense, and myrrh), but you might not know what they represent.
  • Gifts are important. They have value. They have meaning. Often, they’re hand-picked, just for us. The gifts Jesus received also had meaning.
  • Christ’s birth was also a gift. It was incredibly important. It will never lose its value. It has a deep meaning.
  • This Christmas season, let’s look closer at gifts and what they mean—especially when it’s hard for us to be open to receive them.


Use these words in your communication before and during the series to help people understand the series and create a ‘felt need’ that the series will remedy.

  • Significant
  • Gift giving
  • Just for you
  • Important
  • Value
  • Hand-picked
  • Deep meaning
  • Personal

Calls to Action:

These are suggestions for next steps your attenders can take based on this series.

  • Inviting family and friends to Christmas services
  • Engaging in God’s Word, including the series plan
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