Message Support: Dangerous Prayers

Series Length:

3 Weeks (Tentative titles and not necessarily in order)

  • Break My Heart
  • Make Me Bold
  • Speak to Me


Prayer moves the heart of God, but some prayers move Him more than others do. Bold prayers, daring prayers—the kind of prayers that move you, too. If you’re ready to see God work in your life, praying safe won’t cut it. It’s time to pray Dangerous Prayers.


The Dangerous Prayers series is all about helping move people to pray the prayers that will move the heart of God. Over four weeks, Pastor Craig will explain why some prayers are ineffective, what it really means to trust God with what we ask for, and how to pray for the miracles that require a God-sized faith. While the series will kick off right after the release of the book of the same name, the series will cover different content than what’s included in the book.


Use these words in your communication before and during the series to help people understand the series and create a ‘felt need’ that the series will remedy.

  • Prayer
  • Bold prayer
  • Move the heart of God
  • Trust God
  • Pray for miracles
  • God-sized faith
  • Stop praying safe
  • See God work in your life
  • Breakthrough

Calls to Action:

These are suggestions for next steps your attenders can take based on this series.

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