Preschool Curriculum & Bible App for Kids: A Perfect Match

We want our preschool-aged children to be more than entertained during church—we want them to really learn about Jesus and the Bible. So, we created a two-year curriculum that works hand-in-hand with the Bible App for Kids.

Since learning involves repetition, engagement, and the five senses, we incorporated those ideas into the Bible App for Kids Curriculum.

To really learn, children need to hear things more than once and be visually stimulated. They need to interact and answer questions. Most of all, they need to love the learning process.

The curriculum is made up of 24 units, each spanning four to five weeks. Preschoolers learn a lesson in church and engage in activities and small groups with their leader. When they go home, they continue to learn through the corresponding story in the Bible App for Kids. By the end of a series, preschoolers will have experienced biblically-focused content for an entire month.

Most kids rarely attend four weekend services in a row, so this curriculum means preschoolers won't miss a beat, even if they miss a service.

This kind of intentionally paced, engaging learning helps 2-to-5-year-olds absorb the Bible. And, with fun host Emily colorful animations, and sing-along-able songs, they'll still be entertained.

What we've learned:

Preschoolers are capable of learning meaningful truths. It's important to lead even our littlest ones to become fully devoted followers of Christ. Use a curriculum that teaches Bible stories and verses, encourages discussion in small groups, and has an element that can be sent home. For us, it's the Bible App for Kids Curriculum.

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