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Digital Watch Party Kit

Digital Watch Party Overview

If planning Christmas online is new to your church, you may be encouraging your attenders to join you for an online experience in their home. Watch Parties can provide a sense of community around online content and help attenders feel connected in and to your church.

Some attenders won’t be comfortable returning to a church building this Christmas, but you can equip them with resources to gather together online or host their own watch party to view your Christmas service at home with their family and friends—placing Jesus in the center of their family gathering.

Our Digital Watch Party contains resources that will help attenders host their family and friends in person or online to worship, attend your service, and discuss your message together.

Download these resources and share them directly with your attenders, or add your own information to them and tweak however you like!

Looking for a place to host Christmas services online?

The Church Online Platform is a free tool created by Life.Church to help churches launch their ministries online. With features like chat, live prayer, calls-to-action like the “Salvation Moment,” and high-powered analytics, this tool allows you to digitally lead attenders to next steps in their relationships with Jesus.

For additional information about planning Christmas online—deciding things like where to host your online services, how to invite attenders to your online experience, how to engage families, how to equip your volunteers, and much more—download our Christmas Online Playbook.

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