How to Last in Ministry: Pastor Craig Groeschel


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God has entrusted us as pastors and church leaders to share the Gospel, and we need to be the best version of ourselves to do so. That's why we’re sharing a very special talk Pastor Craig Groeschel gave exclusively to our Life.Church staff: "How to Thrive in Ministry."

In this video, Pastor Craig Groeschel shares 10 traits for lasting in ministry:

  1. Pursue Jesus daily. (5:08)
  2. Lead your family to love the church. (8:11)
  3. Embrace pain. (10:18)
  4. Be honest about where you are vulnerable. (11:58)
  5. Pursue continual discomfort. (14:57)
  6. Take care of your body. (16:57)
  7. Live and lead with financial margin. (19:08)
  8. Avoid complaining, comparing, and criticizing. (21:04)
  9. Always bet on the church. (22:45)
  10. Remember why you started. (25:26)

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