The Develop.Me Rating Scale

At Life.Church, we place a heavy emphasis on cultivating positive personal relationships, especially between Team Leaders and Team Members.

We use Develop.Me to help promote growth and collaboration. Team Leaders use a Sliding Scale and Rating System when evaluating each staff member. This rating is the launching point for the Formal Review Meeting conversation. It’s the beginning of honest and encouraging feedback, not an impersonal and final judgment. While Develop.Me helps a leader see a tally of a team member's successes, the sliding scale also allows the team leader to provide a subjective assessment of the team member's progress based on personal observation and judgment.

Here’s what our scale looks like:

Rating System: 0-5 scale

  • Needs improvement: 0 - 3
  • Fully functioning: 3.1 - 4
  • Exceeds Expectations: 4.1 - 4.5
  • Outstanding: 4.6 - 5

What do the review ratings mean?

  • Needs Improvement: not meeting the requirement(s) of the role
  • Fully Functioning: meets all the requirements of the role and is doing well, but does not regularly go beyond what is expected
  • Exceeds Expectations: does a great job and regularly goes beyond what is expected within the role
  • Outstanding: consistently performs at a very high level technically, interpersonally, and in their leadership; has accomplished outstanding results

What we've learned:

To improve, we must first identify opportunities for growth. The Sliding Scale and Rating system isn’t meant to tear down staff members, but rather pinpoint areas for development. If the review is characterized by honest feedback and positive encouragement, it can be an incredibly rewarding and powerful experience.

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