Four Tips for Following Through on Goals

At Life.Church, we’re not just big on goals. We’re big on accomplishing goals. That’s why we emphasize goal setting in Develop.Me, our web-based tool we use to guide our staff development conversations. Like everything we create, we give it away for free to other churches.

Because we love accomplishing goals so much, we’ve developed some goal-setting resources to help church staffs set specific, achievable goals and implement strategies to help them follow through.

Here are a few tips to not only help you get started but to help you follow through:

Review throughout the year. Consistently tracking your progress goes a long way toward keeping your goal off the backburner. Loop in your team leader, and set aside time to assess your progress. You could, for example, grab coffee together every month and hash out how things have been going.

Pinpoint roadblocks. Anticipating and avoiding challenges is a key to progress. Be proactive and scout out potential impediments so you can focus on reaching your goals. If your goal is to build relationships with co-workers, and you know going out for lunch prevents you from building those relationships, bring a lunch three days a week. Cut out the activities or demands that prevent you from reaching your goals.

Display reminders. The reverse of “out of sight, out of mind” works, too. When something is constantly in front of you, you tend to be able to focus on it better. Create goal-related notes and visual cues to boost your motivation and keep track of your progress. If you input your goals in Develop.Me, you’ll get reminders throughout the year to keep you on track.

Practice what you’re learning. Accomplishing a goal usually doesn’t happen suddenly. It’s often the result of steps that build upon each other. Look for opportunities to practice what you’re learning along the way to reinforce your foundation and push you to develop further.

What we've learned:

Don’t just be goal-oriented. Be results-oriented. Even great goals are inconsequential if you never follow through. If you plan ahead and consistently pursue with purpose, you’re much more likely to cross the finish line.

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