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A Quick-Start Guide to Set Up a Metaverse Church in AltspaceVR

This guide will teach you how to quickly launch a church service in Microsoft’s free virtual reality app, AltspaceVR.

Step 1: Create an AltspaceVR account

Step 2: Create a Channel for your church

Step 3: Click “Schedule an Event” under Events/My Events

Step 4: Choose one of the pre-made template spaces to have your church service in. We recommend Keynote Arena or Presentation Stage.

Step 5: In addition to the initial settings of your event, click “Advanced Options” to edit settings like Room Capacity, Thumbnail Image, Event Hosts, and Channel Listing.

A quick note on Room Capacity: Currently, AltspaceVR allows for a maximum of 50 avatars per room, but the room is duplicatable an unlimited amount of times. To have more than 50 people at your service at the same time, utilize their Front Row feature.

Step 6: Click Create Event. Your event is now live and discoverable through search. If you want your event to be visible as a main event in AltspaceVR on the calendar of upcoming events, you can click “Add as Main Event” in the Edit section of your event under My Events.

Step 7: Launch AltspaceVR on your virtual reality headset and turn on Worlds Beta.

Step 8: Navigate to your event by going to Main Menu, Events, My Events, and click Enter.

Step 9: Edit your space ahead of your service by utilizing the World Editor menu to add images, interactables like games, and videos.

To add an image to your space, upload a jpeg or png image to under Photos/Upload. This will allow you to choose your photo when you add an image using the Live Events Kit in your space.

To add a video or live stream to your event, use the Multimedia Console or the Web Projector in your space.

Lastly, to avoid recreating your event space each week you have a service, first you should create a world you want any future events to be in. You can do this on under the Worlds section. Start with the same template world you liked for your event, go into VR and add your components, then when you create your event, instead of choosing the template environments they provide, choose the world you created in a dropdown menu under advanced options for your event.

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