Sustaining Your Marriage In Ministry

From: Awesome Marriage

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Don’t let your ministry take out your marriage. Ministry places some unique challenges on your marriage and family, but you can learn how to sustain your marriage in ministry. Tune in as Dr. Kim Kimberling, President of Awesome Marriage and Professional Marriage Counselor, shares practical tips on how you can have a healthy marriage even in the midst of the tensions of ministry. Hear from real pastors and pastor’s wives about mistakes they’ve made in the past and how they are now sustaining their marriage well in full time ministry.

This course has 5 sessions and at the end of each session is an interview with a pastor and pastor’s wife about that specific topic. The sessions are taught by Dr. Kim Kimberling, President of Awesome Marriage, and Dylan Dodson, Pastor of New City Church.

The sessions cover:

  • Boundaries With Your Time
  • Managing Others’ Expectations
  • 5 Simple Ways To Invest In Your Marriage
  • Counting The Fruit
  • When Ministry Hurts

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