WEEK 1 – “The fear of the Lord” (Proverbs 9:10)
Main Point: God is the source of wisdom.
Summary: Without wise instruction from godly parents and other influences, kids will be left frustrated and confused when given the opportunity to make choices for themselves. Kids must understand that God offers them (and everyone) wisdom to make the right choices in life if they will trust and follow Him, making Him the absolute focus of their life.

WEEK 2 – “Jesus grew in wisdom” (Luke 2:52)
Main Point: Keep seeking wisdom from God.
Summary: Kids might begin to gain wisdom as they begin to focus their lives on God, but they need to understand that gaining wisdom from God is a process that never stops. Even Jesus had to grow in God’s wisdom when he was on earth! How much more do each and every one of us need to grow in God’s wisdom? So, seeking wisdom from God is something we must continually do throughout our entire lives.

WEEK 3 – “I will do what you have asked” (1 Kings 3:12-13)
Main Point: Seek wisdom first.
Summary: King Solomon was known for three things: his wealth, his fame, and his wisdom. BUT he only got wealth and fame because he asked God for wisdom FIRST. Most of us have healthy goals and desires, but our lives will not be as great as God wants them to be if we don’t seek God’s wisdom first. So, today, we want the kids to understand that they need to prioritize God’s wisdom in their lives.

WEEK 4 – “Who among you is wise?” (James 3:13)
Main Point: Wisdom leads to a good life.
Summary: As we continue to seek wisdom from God, we should naturally see more positive and healthy choices being made in our lives. And these choices should naturally lead to positive and healthy results in our lives. If we don’t see more positive and healthy results in our lives, it means we’re not truly living with God’s wisdom. It’s that simple!

WEEK 5 – “Jesus, who has become for us wisdom” (1 Corinthians 1:30)
Main Point: Wisdom is found following Jesus.
Summary: Living a life filled with wisdom is actually only possible for those who humbly surrender their lives to following Jesus. Jesus is the embodiment and completion of all the wisdom from God in the universe. If we want our lives to be filled with wisdom, we need to follow the way of wisdom – that’s the way of Jesus!