How Do You Handle Criticism

One of the most common questions that I’m asked by young pastors is, “How do you handle the critics?”

I’ve realized that no matter what a leader does, he or she will be criticized. For example, I’ve been criticized a lot for building the church around my preaching. When I started using more teachers, I received equal criticism for not preaching enough. Criticism comes with the territory.

Learn what you can from criticism.

In the early years, I reacted negatively to all criticism. I spent my energy defending

rather than learning. Over time, rather than dismissing all critics, I opened my heart to learn from them. God has used several constructive and a few not-so-constructive critics to help me grow and improve as a spiritual shepherd and leader.

Rather than reacting defensively, it’s helpful to ask if there is anything truthful or helpful in criticism.

What we've learned:

Be thankful that people are paying attention to what you are doing and accomplishing. Remember that your ideas are valuable, but often another perspective can turn your valuable idea into a priceless one. Be open to other teachers and leaders.

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