Worship Team Structure at Life.Church

One of the questions we get here at Life.Church is how we’re able to keep 28 campuses (and counting!) across the country organized and consistent.

The truth is that we couldn’t do it without our incredible teams, so we’re very intentional about how we approach team construction.

This is especially true of our Worship Team. Worship is a vital part of ministry, and the way we’ve structured our team allows us to maintain a bright, impactful, and consistent worship experience at all Life.Church sites.

(Note: This is what our Worship Team structure looks like right now; as we grow and learn, we’re always open to adapting and adjusting our structures to match the season God has put us in.)

First, our Worship Team starts with the Central Group Leader. This role oversees all aspects of worship at Life.Church. Casting vision and shaping the direction of worship are part of the job description. Below the Central Group Leader, the Worship Team structure splits into the Central Team and the Ministry Team.

Central Team

To write and release new songs and albums each year, we’ve started building a Central Team to spearhead this effort. We’ve started with one position that oversees Songwriting, and we plan to add more roles as we grow the team.

You can find original Life.Church songs and albums for free on Open Network. Check out Fully Devoted EP, Breaking the Silence, and more, and use the stems, chords, etc. in your church.

Ministry Team

Our Ministry Team is led by our Central Ministry Leader and Associate Central Ministry Leader, who oversee in tandem the campus operations of all Life.Church locations.

From there, our campuses are broken out into four clusters (Oklahoma City East, Oklahoma City West, Tulsa, and Regional), and a Cluster Leader shepherds the execution of worship for each campus in his or her area.

Finally, at every campus we have a Worship Pastor who leads worship and ensures a culture of excellence for the total worship experience. And under each Worship Pastor is a Worship Leader who is training and developing toward eventually moving into the role of Worship Pastor.

Again, this is a structure that’s working for us right now. As you shape your Worship Team (or any other team), remember the key is to create a framework that allows your staff to be agile, collaborative, consistent, and focused on reaching people for Christ.

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