Get Smart: Using Technology During the Experience

Our Senior Pastor, Craig Groeschel, and many of our campus pastors, will often teach using an iPad, tablet, or smartphone. Here's how they access their notes and related Bible verses:

  • Write message notes or the sermon outline in a word-processing program
  • Save that document as a PDF
  • Open the PDF in iBooks on an iPad or iPhone, or in the PDF reader on any other smart device

Easy! On an iPad or tablet, Pastor Craig can easily scroll through his notes, keep multiple pages organized, enlarge certain items, etc. The pastors at Life.Church also use these devices to view the Bible through the YouVersion Bible App as they teach.

Open Idea
Tablets and smartphones aren't better than pen and paper, but don't be afraid to embrace new technologies, either. Find out what works best for you, and run with it.
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