Positive Projections

Since we are one church with multiple locations, we depend on screens and projectors to keep us all unified—with the teaching and with our core value of leading people to become fully devoted followers of Christ.

In most of our campuses—though not all—screen sizes range from 8.5'x14' to 11.5'x19.8'. We've chosen to standardize our projectors to one line: the Panasonic PT-DW6300, 730U, 740U, and PT-DZ8700.

The first three listed here provide HD projection without breaking the bank. The lumen output ranges from 6,000 to 7,000 lumens and works well for most of our locations and portable campuses. And since we've narrowed our usage to just these projectors from Panasonic, we have spare and interchangeable parts enough to fix them when necessary. The Panasonic 6300 is actually no longer in production; but, cutting edge isn't the important thing for us—reliability and sustainability is.

At our facility with 23' side screens and a 26' center screen, we use the 10,600-lumen PT-DZ8700.

Open Idea
We're not necessarily endorsing the product listed above—we've tried a few different projectors and we may switch again in the future. But for now, this set of Panasonics is working well for us. You may need specialized equipment to fulfill the calling God has placed on your ministry. For us, it's A/V equipment; for you, it might be a food truck that serves meals, a recovery home for abused women, or a basketball court for your after-school program. Define your outreach and focus on the tools that make it effective.
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